Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Masakhane Radio Show & future plans

Radio Grahamstown. Our audio partnership enjoyed another milestone, as the name of the show was identified, as being the Masakhane Radio Show. The inspiration for Masakhane, which means “let’s build”, is taken from the show’s aim to build knowledge of gardening and healthy living within the listenership of Radio Grahamstown, and to promote the community-building aspect of the radio show, something which is an aim of Umthathi. In the week after our last workshop with our audio production partners, I had the opportunity to think of the learning I have gained the past months, and how I have applied it in my work. Drawing up the Term Two Plan of the participatory production project with Annie, I saw the opportunity to reflect on this.
Behind the mic: Xoliswa Mbewu-Maaotla, co-anchor of Masakhane.