Journalism 2 broadcast

I tutor in the second year Broadcasting course at the Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies. Contained in this page are all the projects I will be undertaking in my tutoring duties, and those which also form part of the fourth year Radio course I study.

The second year Radio class at Rhodes this year, is producing content for shows which deal with Rhodes student societies and their relationship with Grahamstown. The following is the show concept of the second year Radio class I tutor:

“Societies Reach”
This show aims to focus on Rhodes University student societies whose main aim is not community engagement, but participate in community engagement initiatives regardless. The show will look at how these societies have embraced community engagement, and what strategies they have employed to mobilise their respective members to participate in community engagement. The show aims to uncover the motivations of these student societies to participate in such initiatives, whether it is because of obligation or just pure willingness. Examples of possible themes in this show include a profile on a Rhodes student newspaper which co-ordinates an internship programme for matric students from schools in Joza; another is of a religious society which has only recently decided to participate in community engagement initiatives. This show concept lends itself to the programming brief, as it looks at a different angle on the topic of student societies’ involvement in community engagement. This show also lends itself to exciting content, as some of these societies have had astonishing accounts of their community engagement initiatives. There is also the possibility of these societies having different interpretations of how they have successfully conducted community engagement initiatives or have failed. Looking at societies which have previously not been involved in community engagement, and those whose main focus is not community engagement but manage to contribute to it, this show concept adds a more varied look and depth to the overall programming brief of the JMS 2 Radio class series.