Sunday, May 15, 2011

Returning to service-learning principles

After the high of broadcasting the first edition of Masakhane, this week provided a vital wake-up call. The week served as an important reminder of a challenge my community partnership will have to overcome, to be assured of a prolonged success of the radio show.
From left: The Masakhane crew talking about the benefits of gardening

Masakhane hits the airwaves

As the Masakhane Radio Show jingle played on Radio Grahamstown, on Friday 11 am, I was very nervous. I did not let people see how nervous I was, it is something I kept hidden. Over the past three months, our community partnership has been on a major learning curve, where all stakeholders in the partnership had learnt key aspects of each other’s contribution to the partnership. The playing of the Masakhane Show jingle signalled a new, key stage of this partnership. It had now reached its output stage. There was no turning back from here.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Four months of toil and valuable learning will be clear to see this week, as the Masakhane Radio Show has its first broadcast on Friday, 6 May. The public holidays that have come in the past week stalled the progress of the planning of our show, and we even had to delay our first broadcast by a week. But now that our big week has arrived, we have a mini scramble to get things together for the show.