Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Four months of toil and valuable learning will be clear to see this week, as the Masakhane Radio Show has its first broadcast on Friday, 6 May. The public holidays that have come in the past week stalled the progress of the planning of our show, and we even had to delay our first broadcast by a week. But now that our big week has arrived, we have a mini scramble to get things together for the show.

Grahamstonians will soon see the full force of Masakhane, which will initiate the show’s arrival on Radio Grahamstown. We have a good show posters and pamphlets which will be distributed around Grahamstown, to create an awareness of Masakhane, and to generate interest for gardening and healthy living show. We are also in the process of finalising our final jingles and stings for the show (the distinctive tune the show will have).
The structure of the first Masakhane show will be quite different from our planned structure of the rest of the editions of the show. We will have an introductory tone throughout the show, where we introduce the show to the audience, speaking of what the show aims to achieve. We will though have two in-studio guests, from Umthathi, together with the two anchors, who will act as experts in the topic of the benefits of gardening and healthy living, the first themes we aim to address for the show. Knowing that the themes we have previously outlines for the show will run rotate over the weeks, anything that has not been covered by these in-studio guest in the first show, will be covered in future shows.
Although our interactions with both Umthathi and Radio Grahamstown together have been have not happened as much as we had hoped in the past two weeks, because of these public holidays, and their unavailability during these weeks, we seem to have our bases covered, in preparation of our first broadcast of Masakhane. We will now have a mock broadcast, the day before the live show, to iron out any hiccups we may face in the show.
So please listen to the Masakhane Radio Show, on Fridays 11 am on Radio Grahamstown 102.1 FM!

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